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Mr. Matt Bannon, Director of Marketing

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., (Feb. 15, 2013) –ATAC recently expanded its experienced cadre of professional pilots by adding three more full-time positions. Kenneth "BITS" Koelbl (USN, retired) and David "Spock" Youtsey (USAF, retired) bring their expertise respectively to our Newport News Headquarters Training, and Business Development branches. Additionally, Matthew "Yort" Pearce, (USNR) joins our West Coast Operations branch. "BITS" and "Yort" bring a wealth of F-18 fleet combat experience, and F-5N adversary savvy. Both are USN Top Gun graduates. Yort has so far provided 20 years of service to his country, flying F-18s in ten different USMC squadrons, then T-6s as an exchange officer with the USAF, before joining the USNR where he currently instructs in the F-5N. BITS recently retired after providing 20 years of honorable and faithful service to the US Navy flying the F-18A-F as a CAG Landing Signals Officer and FRS Instructor and the F-5 Tiger II as a Top Gun Adversary Instructor pilot. Spock amassed over 3,500 hours in the F-16 over his 25 year USAF career prior to joining ATAC. His pedigree includes a patch from the USAF's F-16 Weapons Instructor Course (Fighter Weapons School), an award winning stint in the USAF Operational Test and Evaluation community, and command of an expeditionary operations group.

All three aviators recently completed a rigorous 14 day training regimen in the company workhorse, the Mk-58 Hawker Hunter. They immediately began flying operations at one of the seven locations where ATAC operates daily, supporting the USN, USMC, and USAF with flawless adversary presentations or JTAC training platforms. The addition of these three seasoned aviators to ATAC's roster underscores the company's long-standing and growing commitment to providing current and new customers with impeccable adversary and JTAC support, indistinguishable from military units at a fraction of the cost, and equal or higher reliability levels. They further solidify ATAC's reputation for excellence, and provide decades of operational experience in all realms of air combat operations, bringing instant credibility to all current and future business opportunities.

ATAC currently operates a fleet of twenty-three impeccably maintained Mk-58 Hunter, F-21 Kfir, and L-39 Albatross fighters from five permanent facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe, supporting DoD adversary and JTAC training requirements. Additionally, ATAC regularly deploys scalable forces to temporary locations meeting our customers' surges in demand. ATAC is sufficiently funded and staffed, maintaining superior relationships with DoD, FAA, and industry partners, enabling agile growth to more or different aircraft as customer support requirements emerge and evolve. ATAC's actively flying cadre of retired and active reserve military aviators represent over 100,000 fighter hours in nearly every fixed wing fighter flown by DoD over the last 40 years, and have combat experience in most theaters over the same time frame. On top of their operational savvy, they are experts in weapons, tactics, aircraft and avionics developmental and operational testing. They are adept at translating any DoD agency's air support operational needs into well-defined requirements, and then meeting those requirements in a safe and cost-effective manner, using the most appropriate aircraft available. DoD agencies under pressure to enhance or simply maintain their warfighter training or testing efficiencies under stringent budget constraints should contact ATAC's Business Development department. ATAC--"Training today's warfighters for tomorrow's challenges"

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